Research & Brand Strategy
Client: Bezos Family Foundation
Early Learning Campaign
United States

How might we make it easy for parents of young children in the US to build their childrens’ brains through everyday moments of engagement?

Our team was tasked with creating a communications campaign to encourage low- and middle-income parents and guardians in the United States to engage with their 0-5 year-old children in ways that best spur brain development. The first month of our work was strictly research, conducting dozens of expert interviews, and spending time with parents and families around the country. 

Our final brand concept was highly positive, assuring parents that most every type of active engagement they do with their child helps to build their brain. The point was to turn conventional black-and-white messaging around parenting on its head, to encourage parents to find small moments in their everyday routines to engage with their children, rather than feeling like they needed to devote huge amounts of uninterrupted time at home reading to their children.

From our research, messaging that included this kind of unattainable goal were non-starters--parents simply tuned them out.

The campaign was meant to reframe what “counted” as good parenting, and who could be a good parent. This work was rolled out nationally as the app-based platform Vroom, which has now reached over 2 million families nationwide.

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